Some kid (obviously InsayneWrapper, he's the last one listed on Edit History) messed with the FrontPage. Its' contents:
"i both jesus and god say play seika because its good for your soul!"
The bwicki admins have just fixed that.
In response to Jon88
whatd i do wrong?
In response to InsayneWrapper
Many things.
In response to InsayneWrapper
You are not supposed to the frontpage, that's what.
In response to InsayneWrapper
I'm AMAZED that you need to ask.

"But officer, I didn't know it was wrong to spraypaint other people's car windows!"

"Oh, okay then. You can go now."

A bwicki is publically editable so that people can contribute to it (which you didn't do). Not so that they can delete all the information from it and replace it with advertisements (which you did). The FrontPage is an essential part of the bwicki because everyone sees it before they go to any other page. If people see crass advertisements on it, they'll be turned away. Besides, that's not what it's for. Don't waste Dantom's server space with that crap.