I loaded up the page and seen a skull with a black and green mixed layout. Thought I had loaded the wrong site! Well im sure most people are happy to see the new layout either way, I personaly don't think its that bad :P
I like it. A lot. I want it to be permanent! =D (Well, not really. But it is pretty damn good!)
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Ya, they do things like this for every major US an canadian event.

'Nothin gets past Maz.
It actually reminds me of the old site back in 01. I like it.
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Maz wrote:

'Nothin gets past Maz.

uhm...what? o.o;;
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For your information, that reads 'Dung', as in "Dantoms Universal Network Game".
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right...I don't see a G..i see a guys are weird -walks off-
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Its a crystal ball with a G in it.
I see a skull logo, but no black and/or green layout.

/me reloads and

Nice job :-)
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From what I remember of the full-size graphic, the G was somewhat self-referential. I dare not explain in more detail than that.
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Must be the ghost of BYOND's past...