The title says theres going to be a halo P.c tournament
though december 16-20. But i dont really understand everything here are a few questions'.

1.Where will it take place? or will you just be able to play from anywhere on the net.

2.Cant you just hook up you're Xbox to the Net?

3.Where do you sign up?

The info i already got is all on

By the way for you people that like counter-strike there is going to be a tournament for Counter-strike that is on the same date as the halo tourny, only difference is you get $100,000 for winning.

The pc version is used because it is better than the X-Box version, also, chances are it will be at a certain place, over a lan, on thier computers. They do this to prevent cheating.
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Plus one may argue that the PC is more economical. It allows people to use separate screens at a lower cost. Also I think there is a limit to the amount of people interconnected Xbox's can handle and eventually that may require people to share a screen.
Thats kind of pointless 'cause most people are MAD good at that game...