ok its been awhile since ive posted on here,ive been busy working on a few projects and stuff like that..........

first id like to say its great to be back on here and talk to you guys again......i now have a full time gf so i wont be o nas much anymore too.......

i hear plans for 4.0 byond and stuff which i hope its great.....

but back to the point,i have a question

its been awhile since ive screwed around with the keyboard,and i know when u hold i think alt or shift or something and type numbers on the numpad,weird shapes show up...

id like to know of any you guys know,ok?also some short words like LOL or something and tell me the full word for it.......

im jsut curious and all
lol = laugh out loud

lmao = laughing my ass off

lmfao = laughing my [edited] ass off

brb = be right back

bbl = be back later

AFK = away from keyboard
Partner420 wrote:
i know when u hold i think alt or shift or something and type numbers on the numpad,weird shapes show up...

It's Alt, and you have to make sure numlock is on. The numbers are the ASCII values of the characters (, so Alt+65 will make a capital A.
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Yup, also, you can look them up in the built-in Character Map in Windows...

Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map

It brings up a window with all of the various characters that can be made, and when you click on one, it tells you the Alt+xxxx number combination for that character in the bottom right corner... It also shows you an enlarged example of that character (it pops up above the symbol and remains until you let the mouse button go... so you can even click, hold, and drag the mouse around the window to make each one pop up) You can also double click them to add them to a text box at the top right that you can copy from to paste them elsewhere... And last but not least, you can change the font to see what each character looks like in whatever font...
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I don't have one. I've checked for it before, but its just not there. I'm running windows 98.
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Then install it. It comes free with all versions of windows.
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To elaborate on that, go to Add/Remove Programs and select the Windows Setup tab to install it. You'll need your Win98 CD handy.