Us it possible to link computers with just a network cable? Like without a hub, just using a network cable to link two computers together?
It may be a stupid question but i need to connect two cpus together without a hub, they both have ethernet cards though.
You should be able to by connecting them together, and setting up Internet connection sharing.
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I heard you may need a crossover wire, if i do, im screwed.
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Yes, you need a crossover cable. You can get an adapter which turns a normal Ethernet cable into a crossover cable, though.

However... I strongly recommend that you get a hub. Basic ones can be got for under $100 Australian (I got my 4-port D-Link router for $129, and it has all the features you'd ever really need for a home network, including a simple firewall). Most hubs are pretty much "plug it in and it works", so there aren't too many configuration issues.

Hubs also allow you to reliably share your internet connection. Yes, you could use Microsoft's Internet Connection Sharing, but take my advice: It's dodgy as hell. I know from experience. It repeatedly screwed up the network configuration of both my computers. They were frequently unable to even exchange files; and if they could do so, only one of them was actually able to start the copying. The other would insist that the first didn't exist. Oh, and did I mention that in this respect they swapped over every now and then, at random? I spent roughly a third of my spare time trying to get the damn thing to work. Whenever I succeeded, it would work perfectly for a day (or two at the max), and then once again go haywire for no apparent reason.

Trust me, if you want to network your computers then get a hub. It will make your life much, MUCH easier.