My School District is all messed up. We had to go to school on Memorial Day becuase of missing earlier schooldays becuase of snow. Now, we can't bring our backpacks to school tommorow and Friday (it's the last two days of school).

Our world has really changed....
We had to goto school yesterday to make up for the day we missed for a hurricane, then today for 30 minutes to get out reportcards! MY school is messed up hehe.

Messed up? Our school not only does that, but our district puts 9th graders in Jr High... So, there isn't really a such thing as a Freshman here. I don't know what it is with other schools, but they also keep 6th graders in elementary school.
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1-5 elementry, 6-8 junior high, 9-12 highschool for us.

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Thats the way it used to be most everywhere actually. The same schools I go to now 20 years ago did it the way yours does.
Why can't you bring your backpacks?
My school district always makes us go on Memorial Day, and we can't bring our backpacks to class at all, or we'll be expelled. And, of course, Freshmen are placed in the Junior High. w00t...

One of my buds has to make up a week fo school because of the week he missed when a kid had SARS. I mean you have a bigger chance of dying from the flu, or a coconut.