Hi all!

My chatterbot Little Mu is up against some stiff competition in the Chatterboxchallenge. I'd appreciate anyone who is interested in this sort of thing to try some fun conversation with her, then rate her on her talents. It will take a few minutes of your time, but it's fun, and would help her greatly, as she stumbled a bit during the question/answer portion of the contest, and does much better with natural conversation.

The full list of contestants is at You may have to scroll to find Little Mu, as the list is reordered continually. From her page, you can go to chat with her, and register to vote.

Thanks for your help!
Q12: Me too. How many days are there in a leap year?
Little Mu: None at all. So, what are you doing?
User: I'm asking you the contest questions. :)
Little Mu: Same here.

This is so much fun, lol.
Ugh, the creator of that Ada bot is a moron. Can't even spell correctly!

Oh, and I have your name now, Skysaw! Bwahaha! *Sends in the monkeys*
Your bot has a dirty mind, thats all Im gonna say.
In response to Garthor
I'm pretty sure anyone that visited would have Skysaw's name too.

(Free advertising! ;-))
In response to Spuzzum
The hands hide his name well...
Err, how do you talk to them?
I gave you a 7 and a 7.
Me: No, I'm serious, you are the weirdest person I've ever met.

Little Mu: So you're serious , you are the weirdest person you have met... am I supposed to be impressed or something? Because I'm not. Bark bark!

Oops. =P

And why the hell does she bark all the time? It's REALLY annoying! =)
In response to Crispy
Really? I said all kinds of lude things to her, she never barked at me...maybe your just special?
In response to Crispy
I talked with her for a while... And noticed the Bark bark! thing...

At the end of EVERYTHING she said, she added "Bark bark!"...

While I was chatting with her, I thought that was a part of her programming... But later, I was messing around on the Personality Forge site, and someone/somebot (that wasn't Little Mu) IMed me that had the same problem... So I'm suspecting a sort of "virus" going around to the bots that is making them do that...

Also, the Personality Forge engine seems to have a fair share of bugs... I keep getting error output lines with every exchange... Mostly in their .php files...
In response to Crispy
That's the first I've heard of the barking.

The guy who runs the site just changed all the programming from ColdFusion to php, and is changing servers at the same time, so I think a lot of things are weird and broken today.
The bark-bark seems to be a very badly timed joke on the part of the personality forge guy. Very stupid to do that on the day voting begins, since a number of PF bots are in the contest. Also, bot private plugins are broken for the moment, which means you'll hear weird things like (petname3329).