Of course, Social Equilibrium is only theoretically possible, but a good dream anyhow. Yet it can be possible if everyone were more educated on the subjects.

What I mean by social equilibrium is the tolerance of difference, regardless of the difference.

We have Racism, and we have prejudice. Ive tried to argue my point to others that intolerance of religion and sexual orientation IS prejudice. However, many people tend to disagree and classify as prejudice being entirely religious in nature.

I know this to be wrong, I know many things to be wrong despite their extreme presence. I am only one man and although having forsight in many subjects, lack key information which can only be had through extensive study. I also don't care about many subjects enough to take time to study onto them.

People are slowly accepting that racism is wrong, many are still racist. some people make racist jokes even though they arent racist but fail to see how that joke may affect a listener less intelligent than they. saying words that were once used in great anger in jovial context (which is wrong) People are slowly accepting and tolerating the difference in religions yet teachings remain relatively the same, pointing the finger, calling others evil or wicked, condemning people to hell for the way they live their lives regardless of how they live them beyond a minor factor.

I see how these subjects are clashing, I see that people are struggling to understand, yet I know that at any given moment one minor trigger could undo what has taken nearly one-hundred years to do.

Im certain that Im not the only one who sees this too, its a small little trickle, but could still cut a rock in half.

we have to come up with a new word that insults the intelligence of those who choose to be intolerant of sexual preference, be it jokes or meaningful, be it figure of speech or outright violence. we need a word that publicly emotionally castrates the intolerant individual.

Think really hard, please.. this will help with the war against intolerance.