[11 Mar 16:28] BunnyBot: Jotdaniel has joined The Bunny Lounge.
[11 Mar 16:28] BunnyBot: You have joined The Bunny Lounge founded by Nadrew
[11 Mar 16:28] BunnyBot: An offset of The Lounge, BunnyBot's piece of Chatters.
[11 Mar 16:28] BunnyBot: They kicked me out of The Lounge so I'm here now.
[11 Mar 16:28] BunnyBot rubs Jot's leg....
[11 Mar 16:28] BunnyBot: what some fur big boy?
[11 Mar 16:29] Nadrew watches in horror.
[11 Mar 16:29] Jotdaniel says "get it away, GET IT AWAT!!"
[11 Mar 16:29] Jotdaniel: away*|
[11 Mar 16:30] Nadrew humps Jot's leg.
[11 Mar 16:30] Nadrew: God damnit!
[11 Mar 16:30] Nadrew: I need to get some sleep.
[11 Mar 16:30] Maz: yep
[11 Mar 16:31] Jotdaniel: LMAO
[11 Mar 16:31] Maz: im gonna archieve that one
[11 Mar 16:31] BunnyBot is really the one that did the humping..and stuff...
[11 Mar 16:31] Jotdaniel: yes yes
[11 Mar 16:31] Jotdaniel: me to
[11 Mar 16:31] Jotdaniel: too*
[11 Mar 16:31] Maz: thats twice now

I log into chatters and get this. Im still laughing.
Yeah yeah, laugh it up! No seriously, leave me alone!
In response to Nadrew
Heh, heh, heh.

/me watches Nadrew's botecho-ing backfire =P
In response to Crispy
The *really* funny thing is that it was me who was controlling the bot at that time! =)
In response to digitalmouse
Sure sure...