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I made a second file on hard. About half through. I'll come back to it again though. Oh no I always switch character but because I like the characters and their development not so much for the gameplay or to make it easier.

The control isn't complete. I'd call it semi automatic. And I won't play dragon age automatic unless I have too. Which there were some instances were I had too.
In my experience, this question comes down to simply, Are you actively using basic attacks to deal the majority of the damage? If not, auto attack. If so, don't.

There isn't really anything to debate around this. Anything else is just farcical and doesn't serve to enhance gameplay by "breaking the mold". If you really ever have any doubts about whether or not auto attacks are a good fit, ask yourself, "Have I ever seen auto attacks in this genre of game before?"
Attack Macro better
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Quick how many horse pictures will it take to get this one on track again?!

We may have to break out the horse GIFs instead.
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