Oh god, im usually nocturnal in sleeping habits so this is a major pain in the ass getting up at six.....SIX IN THE MORNING! I usually go to SLEEP at that time..

At least the classes are easy and theres only two of them. Business English, and Computer Somethingerother (i dont care, in a class full of people who are familiar with computers im the fastest typer and i dont use QWERTY, or whatever the HOME keys style is called.

I average out at around 110 words per minute so thats a good thing, right?
In 3rd grade everyone was amazed by my typing speed.=P

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Thats average for a BYONDer =). I type from 100 - 135WPM, and 100% accuracy.

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I type pretty slowly, plus I look at the keys as I type. I then go back through my text and change any i's to I's =D
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oh look at me, im grand champion typer...give me a prize [edited]

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Im not sure how fast i type, its average, the only time i have to look at the keyboard is when i dont know how to spell something, i also dont have to look at the screen. But i dont know my WPM, i use the qwerty keyboard, did you know that it was created to be hard to type on? When the first typewritters came out, people would type to fast and it would get jammed, so they created a system that was hard to type fast on, thus the qwerty system came to be, just so you know.
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Yeah... then they go and make QWERTY computer keyboards standard, so just about everyone learns to touch-type on one (including me). How annoying is that? =(
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? Whats that?
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dude, i wasnt insulting that fool

i was saying i want to shove a trophy up my ass. im doing myself the harm, not some other person
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where you dont need to watch the keys as you type.
I average about 115-125. My fastest (in my keyboarding class this semester) is around 141 or 142.
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lol I type nowhere near that fast, I guess I'm below average.

I average out at around 110 words per minute so thats a good thing, right?

Well the last time I had myself timed while typing was when I was still going to middle school which was about 8 years ago. I typed at a rate of about 40WPM. I probably type a bit faster now but not much because I still type by poking at keys with a few fingers rather than that home row junk. The biggest advantage of this is the fact that I don't use my wrists so I won't be damaging my hands and I still type at a decent enough rate for programming.
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Maz wrote:
i's to I's =D

Missed one.

I can peak out at about 110 with high accuracy. That's pretty fast, but it's not as fast as two years ago when I was an IRC moron -- back then, I was at least into the 140s, and on a 'good day' I could probably beat that.

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same here..

I use a Qwerty keyboard, but i dont use the homekeys..

I chicken peck but i use my index, middle finger and the ring finger at times.

My hands are literally a blur.
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I do the shift and commans and all that grammar bull out of habit more than by choice.. in fact this is one significant factor of why I dont usually care much for grammar as its a subconscious thing. It all gets processed in my mind by the way I think it should be written straight to the fingers, right to to computer.