What is byond's favourite messenger excluding pager? I seem to like aim but it is lesser known amoung the crowds. Then theres msn but its annoying but thats what i think. What about you?
I prefer MSN because its easier for me to understand and seems to be able to do alot more then AIM or ICQ.
I think Yahoo messenger totally beats any of the others. It has automatic message archiving, offline message containers, plenty of font support, imviroments, quick and easy webcam/voice chats, support for multi-person chats (over MSN's limit of 4 people), an invisible mode where you can still send messages (most developers will agree that this is a *major* plus, as I can talk to my girlfriend without fending off 20 code-greedy naives). It also has custom away messages, which are cool. Great privacy control. You can search Yahoo just by typing something in at the bottom of your messenger window. The only disadvantages I've noticed so far, is a slightly slower login, you can't really customize your name too much (no cool symbols or excessive length quotes), and there aren't any non-smiley emoticons. I still think this totally blows away any other messengers features, even Trillian.

Pick me! :P


That was alot of plugging.
Trillian 0wnz.
ICQ, mainly because 90% of the "gurus" use it.
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Dont says ownz, its stupid and in a year people will think its stupid, just a fad. But trillian is the best, its msn, yahoo,aol, icq, and ICR all rapped into one. Its fully skinable, doesnt support some things like web cams, but a good program to use if you like having a lot of messangers and dont want a lot of programs open.