Now, I do like nintendo. I've had a super nintendo and a regular one forever and they all work well still, but I just don't get their games that much. The game I don't understand the most is mario, also probably the most known nintendo game. In the game, mario is a plumber that must beat a overgrown turtle to save a princess. you collect mushrooms to be bigger, flowers to shoot fireballs, and more in later games. Well, can there be any reason how a shroom makes you bigger, or is this like eating a fuzzy from yoshi's island with baby mario? Wouldn't the people who have the equal rights for mario sue him or something for attacking turtles and knocking them out of their shell? How does the civilazation of Bob-ombs survive if they explode every couple of minutes? How does Princess Peach keep getting kidnapped every 5 seconds? How dillusional were they when they typed up something in the nintendo magazine saying they made a working "Warp pipe"? The whole mario thing is un-understandable.
It's called Mario isn't a serious game, so why would things have to make sense?
The maker was on Drugs...
It's a fantasy thing. It's like Powerlevels on DragonballZ or all the crazy stuff on TMNT. It's got it's own wierd twist. I like it. But the only Mario game I beat was Super Mario World for the SNES.

its called too much pot...
If you actually want to think hard about it, the mushrooms could be contrued as him eating the magic mushrooms of which I'm sure you know what I mean, and the get a flower and shoot fireballs, well you never know what your going to do while your smoking some things, I bet mario is just hiding a lighter and a can of lysol behind his back(trust me this works quite well, but the fire balls only go straight up, oh and make sure its a grill lighter you might catch your hand on fire if its anything smaller.)
All of these answers I really expected, yet it's still rated E. Probably because most people never really thought about it enough.
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There's a differance between imagination and lunacy. The same usually applies to realism.

I gained a whole new respect for Mario after reading this. You will find, however, that in the SNES version (Allstars) they have changed the red star to a green one on the little flag on the castle.