Just a quick announcement: the highly anticipated (I hope) rewritten and updated version of Lode Wars is very rapidly approaching a testing phase. Unfortunately, so is one of the most important classes I'm taking this semester, so Lode Wars can't exactly have my undivided attention for the next few days. But feel free to ogle this screenshot, which in the grand tradition of demo shots showcases as few important features as possible in an effort to avoid imparting any actual information.

If you have any second-to-last minute questions, comments, or speculations, feel free to post them on the forum.
Holy crap, that looks good!

[EDIT] What's that orange ore, called, though?
Very nice looking, I can't wait!

Just as long as there are keyboard shortcuts (read: macros) for all those fancy HUB things!
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A. This is another reply.

B. I feel EVERYONE should be able to see this.

Are there any new equipment types, expendables, and installations we should know about?
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A. This is a reply to your reply.

B. EVERYONE should be able to access Leftley's forum.

Sorry to harp on this, but there are project forums going to waste because people keep trying to bring the stuff to the BYOND forums. When someone creates a forum and is even nice enough to post a direct link to it, the rest of us should probably use it.