Then don't play with the screen minimized. (;

The one gif is super small because one of the guys who caught the gifs couldn't catch gifs in the games' native resolution for whatever reason.
A tileset created by Zete for Z Tactics.
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Crazah wrote:
A tileset created by Zete for Z Tactics.

A few major bug fixes done so we're almost at a new stable build, which means almost time to start on the next barrage of features! Hooray!

Cross-Fire. An ability for Pyromancers in Z Tactics.
Hadn't posted an update in a while because I haven't been able to sit down to do anything in a while.

+ Added iframes.

+ Fixed knockback.

+ Added bats.

+ Added better support for target tagging.

+ Added the first half of the first major boss fight: Slurm, Remnant of Gluttony. (Slurm's second and third phases are incomplete ATM, and the arena is still incomplete. When I go in to work this afternoon, I will have access to the second and third phase art I drew.)

I like how he just gets laid out when on 0hp. He just lays there like "Aw f**k, I cahn't believe you've done this."
Had some art socked away at work.

You can see my initial pass here on the right, and my final pass on the left.

This one was the finished detail work. Hands could have been done better. Hands are hard. Why do you guys think I work in 8x8?

Did some color rekeying to make sure the player stayed fairly readable against the background. Making the background darker makes the perspective on the hands a bit more clear. Though, the hands weren't meant to be attached to this statue, so the scale doesn't really matter. Thumb's too big. You never finish anything totally happy, though.

All that's left is finishing the phase 2 animation art and the tweens for phase 3. This is a big job, though, as what I have planned is a bit on the weird side.
u should make the statue and hands transition into the scene at a certain phase instead of always being there
If it moves, is it still a statue?

By calling it a statue and making it move, would that make me a slanderer?

Would I then be able to be sued by people with strained relationships with sandwiches? Questions. So many questions.
if it moves its a machination :o
Got a little distracted from the Game of Thrones Board Game with a less copyright-infringing idea, so have been playing with procedurally generated maps for a political survival game.

First pass at a height map:

Maptext changed for color shading:

And rivers that flow "down stream", though they don't always reach the sea.
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When the river stops but doesn't reach the ocean, you should make it pool until it eventually runs over and creates that connecting river. Voila! Now you have lakes.
The PCG land is pretty cool. Have you considered adding a little more noise so that the land forms don't appear to be so circular?
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Lummox JR wrote:
The PCG land is pretty cool.

High praise, coming from you! Cheers!

And yes, I intend to add some noise to the coastlines at some point. At the moment I'm focusing on getting each stage of the generation "good enough", and will revise once it's complete.
i should one day post the procedural thing i wrote in an hour that generates these

it generates caves, buildings, biomes, and in the non zoomed out version even generates plant species
Well mine's taken me about ten hours, so cheers for that...
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