I think the Kaiju should be wider, Manio. I mean, it really depends how you want him to fit the world. Say your human is 6 foot tall, well that means your kaiju looks to be around 78 feet tall.
(Godzilla started at around 165 feet tall and then slowly grew towards 490+ feet)

How many humans or objects should the kaiju be able to destroy with its foot while walking?
What objects will you use to strike at the kaiju?
Do they look like they would fit together in the world, etc?
My team and I are working hard on a few games, here's some art progress on one of our projects;

Sparrow's Odd Adventure
Hub Link

sparrow progress
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Each kaiju will be different sizes :) the one shown off in the screenshot is just one of the few that will appear in release.

- It doesn't destroy much for this guy. Again, depends on the size of the kaiju you're playing as.

- Like weapons? Human players won't have any. They complete a series of objectives leading up to extraction, the two kaiju players fight each other or can work together and kill off the humans. However, if a kaiju offs another kaiju they'll get separate rewards from teaming up, etc.

- I hope they fit together!
Updated my GIAD a bit. Can you find the second area in it? ;)

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Man, this idea. So good.

That awkward moment when you attempt to create a singularity and the gravity ends up being so intense that it warps the reality of your simulated world.
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Also this PC sucks at making gifs, so here's a still image of the basic WIP environment destruction in Monstrous. Anywhere a kaiju player steps is basically destroyed.

Also, Monstrous hub - http://www.byond.com/games/Manio/Monstrous
this looks better each time you show it!
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Thanks to some suggestions and you're lovely support, I changed the art-style up a tad. I'm not the best pixel-artist so why not go for the minimal approach?

Doing a 16x16 world icon size.

Implemented the round system last night. Y'all start in a lobby where you can use points you get to unlock new human skins (aesthetics) and new kaijus when they get released.

Game will initially have four kaiju.
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Manio wrote:
Man, this idea. So good.

Thanks brother. The general idea came from an rl when we were discussing the topics, he was like well I'm playing cobra command right now and want it to be multiplayer! Haha

Also, two suggestions for your work. One, you could keep the characters bigger then 16x16, I tend to do 16x16 tiles and work on characters in 32x32.

Also an easy way to make average pixel art look good and SAVE A LOT PF TIME is using auto tiling. Flick, doomed and maybe ter13 should have libs, I highly suggest you implement one.
feel strange without paddle's posts.


The above is my autotile library. There's documentation on how to use it... I'm available in Feed's discord to help you work it in though.

It's blindingly fast and hella optimized.
full non-rip. 16 armours at time
Trying to get that cherry blossoms/Japan vibe for Monstrous (my kaiju game).

Manio, check out my kii_rain library for better weather effects. you can easily add a cherry blossom effect with it.
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Klogaum wrote:
I show my non-rip project 16 armours at time

When you have to put a disclaimer on it "non-rip" lmfao XD

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Manio wrote:
Trying to get that cherry blossoms/Japan vibe for Monstrous (my kaiju game).

Japanese archway looks awesome! My only nitpick is that if you look at google images or something, you'll see the top level (the black part) usually is pointy upwards at each end.

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