How do you guys feel about pot? I personally think that it is fine. I would rather smoke pot than a cigarette, pot is all natural and doesn't have chemicals like cigarettes. And being stoned isn't nearly as dangeourus as being drunk. Drunks do stupid things like drive and gewt in fights, when your stoned you just wanna sit down and not fight with anyone. Usually I get agitated easily but when I'm high, I don't even want to deal with it. Another thing people think is that it makes you stupid, that is not true, it makes you lazy, therefore making you stupid. But not all people are lazy. The long term affects are better than alcohal or tabbaco. And if they would legalize it, the country would be having a lot more money. They wouldn't have to spend all the money on controlling it, and they would tax it high and get money off that. So, those are my opinions.
So... if natural means good or safe, then would you eat a poison arrow frog? They're certainly natural. Plenty of things in nature are deadly. Diseases are natural. Most poisons are, too. Lightning is natural. Fire is natural. Lava is natural.

If you had wild, all-natural tobacco from before the 1700s, would you smoke it? It may not be as addictive as the altered form available now, but it would be every bit as poisonous. Hey, even more so, because the most unnatural part of a cigarette is the filter tip. Are unfiltered cigarettes better for you because they're more natural?

Not that I smoke any substance... I'm just sick to death of this "natural" crap. Some things are poison. Other things aren't. Most things are somewhere in between. None of it has anything to do with "nature," which is itself an artificial label we humans choose to put on things.
well, as a occasional smoker. and a vary rare drinker (i cant stand being drunk, i get ubér depressed) so i rely on the pot to "have a good time" i hav only dont it once this month, me and my girlfriend used to doit quite a lot together but thats another story
I presonnally dont belive that its so bad, burning has a point in natural, it survived through natural selection, so it must be somewhat acceptable.
about your country legalising it, the war on drugs has been mostly to make more parents vote for the politions (this was from reading a few US magasines so if im wrong, meh ) but it is incredably tight on pot, yet over here in the uk the laws are pretty relaxed, and they are getting better, some people at my college smoke weed everyday. in my view its trying to find a half way point, i am never going to try something harder then pot, but i dont want to live a too boring life. memorys are what you need when you are older. they are your legacy to yourself and i dont want to lose them (which too much smoking will do, i can list lots of people that have lost alot of memory from too much smoking)
BurningIce wrote:
And being stoned isn't nearly as dangeourus as being drunk. Drunks do stupid things like drive and gewt in fights, when your stoned you just wanna sit down and not fight with anyone.

That is oneof the most true things i have read in a while, i have been chased around my local town by groups of what we cal Twocers (Taking without owners consnt - TWOC)i have heard them being called townies. but cant quite be sure what most of you guys call them, if you even have them, they are easily recognised by the can of beer in hand, adidas pants, baseball cap aimed vertically and usually a shaved head. These guys cause alotta problems for everyone, hy because they spends half there life drunk and wanting to fight anything.
Now my stoner friends are great. i goto there houses and you see the smoke billowing out of the door as they open it and its amusing to see and because you start laughing everyone else doeseven though they dont have the slightest clue why they are laughing. =D (The Giggles)
Meh, thought i should add a bit more becuase i spotted that bit
I've never smoked anything... Not pot, not even a cigarette...

And I have absolutely no desire to whatsoever... I also have never done any other illegal drugs... (hell, I don't even take aspirin unless I absolutely have to)

I just don't see the point... I have no need to get high... I'm perfectly fine being sober...and I prefer being in complete, rational control over my thoughts... I don't really even enjoy being drunk (but I do drink a little now and then)...

I really don't care what others do, though... So I'm not going to give you a lecture... Pot is just not my thing...
If it were legalized there would be sanitary manufacturers..

Dealers would still get busted for selling unlicensed narcotics.

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Im similar, only I dont even get drunk.

I have too many reasons to hate the substance.
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I play games, write, volunteer to waste my spare time, i spend time with my girlfriend and overall have a stable life.

Im never bored enough to smoke pot, or even drink. Im the type of person who can stare at a clock for 2 hours without taking my eye off it once. Ive learned patience in my youth but i appear impatient to some due to my extreme personality and sensitive value system.

I dont want to even have a chance to get into substance abuse. too many hassles too many problems ive seen friends go through, I want to live a normal life but in my very fragile state (just getting my life started and with longterm career goals) if anyone or anything were to prevent that or destroy a single part. i know id lose it

SO lets just hope my life goes well :D
no, it should be kept away from other drugs.
prescription pills and pillpushing drs (whom i call mr.) have an even larger danger than marijuana ever will
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yeah, companies are just sticking that label on things to be able to sell it at an inflated price
I see marijuana (and most drugs) the same way I see most things: not inherently bad, even kind of good, but dangerous because most people refuse to exercise any kind of responsibility and insist on acting stupidly.

If you drink a little alcohol, your perceptions alter a little. Funny things seem funnier. Your inhibitions relax, but you still have your judgement to rule you. A little marijuana works much the same way.

The world, though, is full of people who've lost sight of why they're even drinking the alcohol, who think that the whole point is the actual act of ingesting alcohol. They drink and drink and drink until they pass out. On the way to passing out, they manage to run their heads into low beams, get into fights, insult their friends and significant others, and throw up all over themselves. The next morning, they can't clearly remember anything they did, they feel like hell, and they're still throwing up.

At no point in this whole experience was anything remotely resembling fun had. Still, the idiots who did it will go out and do it again next weekend, or the next night if they can. Why? Because "drinking is fun."

I think this comes from the taboo nature of drugs (I'm not going to say drugs and alcohol... that's like saying food and peanut butter) in our society. We know that average child cannot handle drugs, which makes most children envious and makes the drugs themselves seem "cool." It's not their effects that are good now, it's the drugs themselves, so it doesn't matter exactly what those effects are, even if they're harmful, debilitating, and make you feel like hell, so it doesn't matter if you control your intake to a reasonable level or not.
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wow, that hit a nerve. now i just want to rake the flesh off of dealers slowly. :D
Personally, I feel Marijuana is a really horrible thing.
I, myself, have never smoked pot or cigarettes, never drank alcohol, never done any sort of drugs. I want to keep my mind the way it is.

First off, it is illegal. If you get caught smoking it, you can very well be put in prison for a number of years.

Second, it ruins brain cells like a "mofo". Soon enough you'll loose enough brain cells, that it will actually make you "retarded", in a way.

Third, smoking marijuana can get you in as much trouble as drinking can. You have more of a chance of crashing in a car accident, then if your blood alcohol is a bit over the legal limit. And you are also just as likely to commit a crime, or have a crime committed against you, as if you were drunk..

Besides, I believe you can find more productive things to do.. Hell, when I'm upset, drinking away or smoking away my problems won't help. I need to talk to
someone that's mature, because most of the kids in my grade are extremely immature.

There, I have stated my case.

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you lose many more braincells varnishing wood in a well ventilated area than you do smoking pot.

Same with painting or passing a gas station, and even smelling a marker.

of course, we have billions of braincells and they do regenerate, but not at a highly noticable rate.

best thing to do is just stay away from these things.
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Dareb wrote:
you lose many more braincells varnishing wood in a well ventilated area than you do smoking pot.

Hmm... remind me not to do wood varnishing any time soon.

Same with painting or passing a gas station, and even smelling a marker.

I would never sniff a marker :-/ Well, there was this one time where they made "smelly" markers, in a way. Damn, Crayola, damn them to hell.

of course, we have billions of braincells and they do regenerate, but not at a highly noticable rate.

I didn't think they regenerated! I guess I learned something new today..

best thing to do is just stay away from these things.

Ah, yes, stay away from pot and markers... or markers made of out pot.
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or a pot of markers (8o)
All relevant points, but the bottom line is that there's a difference between "less harmful than nicotine" and "good for you." If I punch someone hard enough to hurt but not hard enough and not in an area where it would do any lasting damage, I'm being less harmful than a smoking habit. Does that mean it should be legal to go around punching people so long as you don't break anything?

Just for reference, I'm somewhat lukewarm on the concept of mood-altering drugs in general. When it comes to the way people's brains are working, my attitude is "if it ain't broke (much), don't fix it." If someone's prevailing mental state poses a physical danger to themselves or others, then that calls for medication. Short of that, no.
I can name at least 10 things wrong with your statment. For starters, pot effects everyone diffrently, some people get nerves and some people get layed back, and some poeple get realy hyper.

Next, you are more likly to commet a crime whil you dont fear punishment.

Also, most poeple dont know that one joint has 10 times as much stuff that gives you lunge cancer than cigerettes!

Drinking and smoking are bad habbits too, the only reason there leagal is because the govenment needs the tax money.

People spend all there life buy pot and cocane because its the only way to exape the fact that there drug atics.

Im sorry, but if you smoke pot or do any other illigal drug, you should be shipped out of this country on your 3rd offence. But that is just my fealings on it.
You'd think they hammer this stuff into your brain during Health class for a reason. Sure, it gets annoying. "Drugs are bad, don't do drugs, they'll kill you and here's how." You'd have to be completely ignorant to not listen to all the messages they throw out to you. There are so many zillions of ways that pot can hurt you, and you all learned it in health class. Whether or not you were actually smart and listened to it or not is completely your fault.

The point is: they told you that drugs were bad in health class for a reason--they are bad.
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Actually they exaggerated what pot does to you, and they didnt even get into full description of what the real dangers do. pots only real danger short of ...getting hit by a car????.... is that its a gateway drug. same as advil, tylenol, or any other pain medication.

when it comes to pot,, truth is, its less dangerous than alcohol will ever be, same as cigarettes, less dangerous by far!

There are far too many drugs out there to worry about. if you have kids and they say they are smoking pot, laugh and say.. well im glad its only that!.

crystal meth

these are the dangerous drugs, id set fire to any house i knew contained these.

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