Ok, so you got the dimes and you are looking to buy something.

Heres the best ideas to see whether it will be good, bad or contains nothing.

1. If it is Dbz, most likely it will just be a copy of Zeta or somesort.

2. If its a rip, dont buy it.

3. A person to buy off, needs to be trusted. Someone like Vegeta29-A76, is not the person to buy off where as someone like Spuzzum, Nadrew, Shadowdarke etc should be the people you buy off and other people who post on the forum regulary.

4. Las but not least heres my famous tip, before subscibing, attempt to download it first. If you do this, the size of the file wile come up, so if you are getting icons well they should be more than 100000, other wise your probably being ripped.
Don't forget BYONDcodeclient!

/Shameless plug.

In response to Sariat
In response to Sariat
Sariat wrote:
Don't forget BYONDcodeclient!

Yea! A good tool for this sort of thing...