In response to Dareb
There is a difference between people stealing my icons and people making icons similar to mine.
In response to Dareb
Is he using your icons?
In response to Garthor
well id have to see it
In response to Foomer
ill always consider that icon garthor has based on mine which is plaguerism

OH, foomer.. bet you never read the law about that didja..
In response to Foomer
I never even heard of his icons. When did he even copyright them?
In response to Foomer
not in the eyes of the law.
In response to Dareb
Define "based on" your icon?
In response to Dareb
Maybe you should ask the law, instead of deciding for it.
In response to Foomer
Hilt pointing upwards 45 degree angle, close to the upper-right-most pixel.

long blade narrowing toward the bottomleft at the end of which is dripping liquid.
In response to Dareb
Descriptions don't mean anything, I could draw what you just described in a second, but it wouldn't be your drawing, it would be mine! If it isn't your icon, your argument is pointless.

(Actually, it's pointless anyway, and you just like to argue, so I'm done.)
In response to Foomer
Beyond a doubt his icons resemblance is well within legal restrictions.
In response to Dareb
Prove it.
In response to Dareb
Dareb wrote:
not in the eyes of the law

Look at Itchy and Scratchy. Itchy is based on Mickey Mouse. Does Disney sue the pants off Matt Groening because of this? No. Disney can't; they have no grounding for their case.

I don't understand why you only care about the law when it effects you, anyway. You don't seem to get mad at SilkWizard for making DWO, and he is breaking more copyright laws. Now, I'm not saying I'm mad at Silk; I'm not, in any way.

It would help if you would show us the icons. Still, who cares? Of course there are going to be similarities in drawings of a dagger. There aren't that many ways to draw a friggin' dagger. In Dark Talisman, I drew all my weapons in the style of Nexus: TK's weapons. They can't sue me. They wouldn't want to sue me.

Thousands of painters use the same style as Leonardo daVinci. Can he sue? No, he's dead. If he was alive, he still couldn't sue. Style isn't a copyrightable thing.

Show me the icons, and just give it up.

In response to Foomer
your not getting out of this argument that quick worm.. if you dont want to be in to the end dont open your mouth.

If his icon resembles mine to an extent (WHICH IT DOES)
than he has to change it, not use it, or pay me to use it.. and since jon snow has it, he has to stop using it.

so already the 72 has turned to 144. if it ever breaches 500 that should be enough reason to bring them to court. which im willing to
In response to Vortezz
vortezz, itchey and scratchey are a cross between Mickey Mouse and Tom & Jerry.

The characters are a parody thats why its not illigal. their names and general appearance are different.

And Silk Wizards Dragon Warrior Online was a fangame.
if it doesnt generate a profit a fangame is legal
In response to Foomer
i will. i have both icons side-by side.

but remember, your a nobody in this.. i shall prove it to those who matter
In response to Dareb
The icons have barely any resemblance, and Foomer will agree with me.
In response to Gughunter
copyrighting is the right to possess intellectual property OF ANY KIND.

ANYONE who creates a file and a backup will have the date it was generated. and the date it was last edited...

Thats a form of copyrighting.. copyrighting is not the same as registering, and registration merely makes things more simple. but it costs money.. creating any dated evidence of creation or copyrighting is copyrighting,. you date a short story and mail it to yourself, never opening the envelope and its copywritten.. since computer files do the dating automatically this step is not required.


In response to Garthor
foomer has no part in this conversation its me and you, they just poked their rodent noses in.
In response to Dareb
Then tell me when you made YOUR dagger and we'll see who's the one breaking the other's copyright.
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