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When a player is eliminated in battle, they'll be encouraged (but not, of course, required) to send their conqueror a dime. And why not, after all? This is just to add a little fun to the game.

Hey, I like that idea! Pretty nifty.
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Tom wrote:
FYI: your game was, until recently, unlisted in the hub, so the added publicity now may help things a bit.

How long does it take for a game to reach the hub? TextMUD is still pending admission to BYOND.RPG.

-Lord of Water
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  • There will probably be a subscription system, eventually, in which hosts can adjust or change the colors available (or possibly bring their custom colors into other games), and will gain the ability to save, load, and reuse maps. I plan to ask a small amount (no more than 10 dimes at most) for 6 months.

    If you let people save, load, and reuse maps, you simply MUST make a map editor too! =)
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