From an E3 article at JustAdventure.Com:

Um, Those Are Sheep, Aren't They?

Another nonadventure that I can't wait to get my mitts on is Empire's Sheep. A hilarious strategy game a la Lemmings, in Sheep you are faced with the daunting task of herding a group of exceptionally dim-witted sheep through "seven flock-busting worlds, and confound the pure evilness of Mr. Pear and his evil hench-cows!"

The game also boasts "incredible A.S. (Artificial Stupidity)" which simulated the "unique stupidity of sheep."

This entertaining platform game is scheduled to be released on PlayStation and PC in Q4 2000.

Interesting, eh?
Well, it's obvious what they're trying to do. They're afraid, and they want to kill BYOND in the cradle by making slick commercial copies of the coolest BYOND games. :)

You know, I don't think I mentioned this before, but... I too had an idea for a sheep-saving game, right around the time that Zilal began the epic Sheep Saga. (Of course, my sheep-saving game was going to focus less on saving your own and more on killing your opponent's.) The idea was loosely based on a scene in a story I wrote a decade ago, and I think that scene was based on playing Powermonger on the Amiga (in which, if I remember right, your soldiers would get their daily nutrition by swarming around a poor terrified sheep).

The point is, I have to wonder... just how long have electronic sheep been bleating in humanity's collective unconscious? And do androids dream of them?

Just as people started building steam engines when it was steam engine time, now people are building sheep-saving games because it's sheep-saving game time. But Zilal will be remembered as the pioneer!
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Who's with me to buy a bomb and blow the usurpers up? Anyone? I need a second set of prints... =)
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I think I heard about the sheep-herding game a while back... I remember the phrase artificial stupidity.

You know, though, the original Sheep game started out with lizards. I wrote it one afternoon while I was at a friend's dorm just to show her what you could do with DUNG. I made crappy lizard .dmis. Later I switched to the snake .dmms that I got somewhere (did they come with DUNG)? When there was a change that made .dmm files unreadable, I started looking around for another icon. I didn't know you could just rename them .dmi.

I decided to rip the sheep from War2. I wanted to go back and get the ne/se/nw/sw images of them too, with the change to BYOND, but I looked at them and they're not all that impressive. I may end up leaving the Sheep II icons 4-directional.