Alright, this is something, which isn't entirely made by me, so I can't take all the credit. Just to clear things up; of course it is made by me, but with the help of programming.

I created a generator, which can generate any size of fire at my command, using particle movement, if I can put it that way. The fire's movement can be changed, by changing the movement of the particles.

A few samples:

Some constructive criticism would be nice.
Pretty cool!
In response to Akto
It takes real skill to do it yourself,but programs alright....nice job.
In response to MademanOne
Technically I could do it by hand as well, since it was I who created the algorithm for it, but the time it would take it is quite a bit more than I would like to invest into it and it is boring repetitive work, not quite so enjoyable. That was the main reason I created the generator. I'm also planning to make one for lightning.

But well, thank you all.