fully animated primary lotus: (note,this is first draft,there are no added effects as yet)
The animation needs to be faster and, where is the tape that rocklee uses to wrap people in?
How do you pretend to add clothes to that?
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If it went any faster how would someone Escape last time i check Gaara Evaded the Attack the moment Rocklee Blinked.
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abrax,putting overlays on that will be easy because its set up a certain way in dm,and ras i made animation slow in the .gif maker so plp can clearly see the frames, also i didnt add bandages because it would look stupid if someone just wraps his target in bandages that appear out of no where,think of it as Gai's primary he uses his primary lotus without bandages,heheh imma add lions combo and falcon drop soon :)
In response to Zane444
Yeah, that's understandable, lol. So, you're saying, when they actually have bandages on, they will wrap around the opponent, instead of just coming out of nowhere? Also, I sure do hope you can get all the clothes, and hair onto the base, because it would really inspire me to know it can be done ( I know make the hair look right for every position will be kind of tough o.o...).
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yep,when player is wearing banadages they will wrap aroudn target,i already have everything planned out
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That's great to hear man. I may need you back on MSN to help me out with some of my animation problems o.o...
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page me if you need me,im still taking a break from pixeling,starting later tonight
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Ok, I'll do so.
well i really liked it, waiting to see how your gonna implement that in yer game ....

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This is pretty snazzy. Nice work. Hehe