Lemme know what you guys think needs to be done to it.

Altair(PNG) [PNG]

Altair(GIF) [GIF]
Although I Don't know what an Altair Icon is i can easily say it's good but its too detailed for such a small icon maybe you could show it in a bigger size and personally i think you shoud make the belly not look as if its pouchy xD
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He's the main character from Assassin's Creed.

It seems pretty well made, but I can't examine the fine details because YOU SAVED IT AS A .JPG file. .png and .gif are what the file types you want your pixel art images to be in when you go to show them off on the internet. Anyways from what I can tell maybe show some of his chin? Not all of his face is shrouded in darkness.
I've no idea what an Altair is either, but the icon looks pretty good. I'd like to see it as a .png rather than a .jpg since it is a bit hard to tell what is supposed to be shading and what is just .jpg artifacts. You might need a bit more contrast to make the details stand out, especially around the hands and the sash/belt thing around his waist.
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I'll upload a .gif file momentarily. I'll show some of his face and i'll work on him a little more tonight.