The Game Updates forum is a place where posts that authors make on their games' forums will appear as well, so all of BYOND can see them. This includes games that are listed on the games page, fangames, and games in development.

This is also where admins will see if your game is ready for review. They can look at which games are waiting to be listed, and decide if the game is good enough, if it's a fangame, or if it needs more work. This is what you do for a game's posts to show up here:

1) Become a BYOND Member under the account that owns the game.

2) In the editor page for your game, go to the Options tab and mark the game as visible for listing.

3) When you're ready for an admin to look it over for listing, also check the box that says it's ready for review. Don't mark it ready for the admins if it's still very incomplete. Admins can leave you feedback, which will appear in the sticky feedback thread on your hub forum.

Admins can remove posts from this forum at any time if they feel it's appropriate (often due to lack of content), but that doesn't remove them from your hub forums.

Fangame authors please note: If you're making a fangame based on intellectual property whose rightsholder has contacted us and explicitly denied permission, don't bother to create a hub entry; it cannot be listed. You can still make and host such a game at your own risk, but it won't be viewable on the BYOND hub or website. Our advice is to make a game that doesn't use the same IP, but is similar in theme so that people like you who enjoy the original will enjoy a game that reminds them of it.