Faction Wars 2

by D4RK3 54B3R
Currently in open alpha. Feel free to join whenever you see a server up!

The equipment shop for Faction Wars 2.
More updates on the game will be coming soon! :)
That's a lot of stuff/categories! Are you planning on having equipment tied to each life like in FW1? Or will it be for a round/forever?

Looking forward to more updates :D
Equipment will stay on your character, through deaths and matches, until you unequip the item and sell it.
Need a host? Ill set you up with an account on BYONDPanel.com for free if you want ... currently my main box is just sitting around...

I am hosting Tanks but no one ever seems to want to play that :)
Ah, cool. So there will be character "progression" of a sort.

Oh also, are you still using static lighting? Or have you switched to dynamic?
Static Lighting. I don't think I will ever switch to dynamic for this.

All of the shading is baked into the map format right now.
If I were to make it dynamic, I would need to switch to my shadowcasting and either use normal mapping in real time or shade entire objects flatly.

The normal mapping updating in real time generates enough resources to crash dream seeker by overflowing the cache (Though amazingly, it is fast enough to not slow down the game at 30fps).

Pretty much, I would have to lower the quality of the shading if I were to make it dynamic.

Not to mention, the dynamic shading doesn't work well with the game's style of field of view.
p.s that ^ wasn't spam.
looks awesome! i'd definitely play it again some time
Hey guys! Here's an alpha preview video for the game thus far.

http://www.livestream.com/d4rk354b3r/ video?clipId=pla_4fb98a12-aa8e-49cf-9060-9164c7244e67&utm_so urce=lslibrary&utm_medium=ui-thumb

The video's a little choppier than the game actually is, unfortunately.

Feel free to hop in and play whenever you see a server up!
I think this is the best action game in Byond
could possibly beat vengence 56 as the most unBYONDiest (in a good way) game dat i've ever seen!