by Keeth
Replaces [input() as command_text] for faster input responses.
To put it simply, this was created to replace the standard input("blah") as command_text which is, unfortunately, slow. The problem with the as command_text method is that there is a delay before input is piped from the standard command processing to whatever function is asking for the input. his means once you say var/blah = input("Gimme some stuff") as command_text, you could potentially use commands right afterwards for a second or so, as the server has to tell the client to start getting input.

The full documentation can be found here and within the library.


  • client/kCommandInput() was printing the question, regardless of whether or not it was present. Essentially, it'd print a blank line even if you didn't specify a question.


  • Rewrote the documentation!
If anyone has any suggestions or complaints about the documentation, I'd love to hear it.