Naruto War

by Aniste
Naruto War
Naruto War is an sidescroller game that's fast paced. Unlock character, kill or be killed in an all out war for Good or Evil

Naruto War Staff:

Main Owner: Aniste
Pixel Artist: Aniste
Hub Designer: Aniste
Graphics Artist:

Naruto War Updates:

Beta Version 1.5

- Added Kisame, Deidara, Lee, Neji, and Itachi

- Fixed Wall Jumping

- Removed Crouching (move & attack)

- Added In Death Check

- Fixed Knockback

Naruto War Features:

- Mass amounts of playable characters
- Fast Paced action
- Ranking and Character unlocking
-A mass selection of maps

ill be your host
like good old times
It would be great, if we should be able to download the host files :/