I'm joking, I'm really looking for a game -- I'll post a brief description and if anybody can provide me with any insight I'll be really appreciative.

The game started out: onboard an airship flying 50,000 feet above the Earth, you're responsible for managing the different stations -- civilian, security -- captain and other positions like chemist, librarian, engineer etc.

The game was solo developed by a female member of the community, I'm not sure if the game is still publicly hosted on the hub -- which could've been something like 'lightning air ships' or some permutation along those lines.

The game provided for a destructible environment, gave for objectives -- to kill invading lizardmen, repair lightning strike damages, discover new chemistry mixtures, construct the station -- on a multi-level map. It also let you shoot weapons.

I'm going to use some keywords, please see if it triggers your memory for me.

Okay, thank you and goodluck -- much appreciated.
D. Zero
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Game's called Lost Worlds, by Aryn. It's gone now, apparently. I didn't play it, but someone showed it to me once.
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@Kaiochao, thank you so much man, you're a really talented helper.

I found Lost Worlds source code man, I'm looking through her code ye, just to see her email address.