Well, 3.5 is out, and I couldn't be happier. I just expected FMOD and Detachable pager(perhaps a few pager goodies). This whole "members" idea caught me off guard. I love it. Low cost, easy to manage, and some really cool things, like this blog.

I really suggest you all get you BYOND Membership today, or at least by the time your 30 days free is up. I am not kidding, this is a must get.

I don't just mean for the goodies, although they help. Get it for the sake of giving the DanTom company (or whatever they are) your money to help them keep us up with the hip new BYOND stuff.

4.0 should be cool, but it will never happen if the developers have no motivation. And if I have learned nothing else in my time working in retail, a little money gets the job done. Offer a 20 gift card to the person who sell the most donation tickets, and they will run out of tickets and start writing it on receipts to keep up.
Yeah it maybe low cost for americans but not everywhere else.
Well, than you don't get all the extra stuff, no biggy. You don't have to get it, but I would recommend scrounging up the cash for it.
and pay how exactly? Go apply for a credit card just for this? not likely u.u it really sucks now this so called free-ware has become almost ptp it won't be long til we pay for it all.
I doubt it, DanTom has had a long standing policy of "We will never charge to play". I doubt this will go out the window. You don't have to have a credit card, paypal will work fine. And to have a paypal account, all you need is a checking account. And if all that is too much for you, I bet Tom will work with you on mailing it in via snail mail. Also, if you get a few articles published in BYONDScape, it will earn you enough to pay for byond member.
Where I am we need a credit card or direct debit card for paypal, both you need to apply for so it's not as easy as it is for americans. I think it's kind of rude how they expect everyone to pay extra if they aren't american that's all.
Well, if they lowered the prices for people over seas, then us Americans would be complaining like hell. You are telling me that you cannot get a checking account with checks? That is all that is needed for paypal. The big issue is kids. Most kids don't have the access needed to get BYOND Membership easily. Most likely your problem. I was a kid once too, and I know how it is, but I also knew that I could get things like that done.
I'm 20 lol but here in australia you can't get accounts like that easily. It takes months of the banks cheaking out how much money you earn, credit cheaks the works. If I was able to pay for games I'd be playing real games lol.
You are telling me, you cant get a bank account in Australia? What do you do with your money, hide it under your pillow?
We have bank accounts -_- but to get checking account, credit or direct debit account you need alot of cheaks and you also need to have a stable income (they normaly set it high too). Tho hiding money under my pillows a good idea o.O less fees =P
This Pay thing is going to be gay as hell I'm 15 and ui have no access to money i could send for this Damned game. It's great but he's going to quickly lose members and by quickly i mean by July 1st most kids who dont have access to checking/credit/debit cards will leave because its not giong to work of them. it's only going to begin there i think what's happening is DanTom is seeing this as a gold mine and hes trying to go for it. but he doesnt realize THIS IS NOT a 3-D game. THIS IS NOT That Great a Program and THIS IS NOT a Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game. DanTom the program's Great but I Personally will probably leave once you enforce pay for Pager.
Alright, I'll give you that, but they didn't say you couldnt use byond, just not the pager. The pager is on thier bandwidth after all.
"Yeah it maybe low cost for americans but not everywhere else."

Christ I can't pay it either but it's only 30 bucks or so per entire YEAR. it's not a requirement either and never will be. It's no biggie. It's such a minor amount of cash. If I were able to pay I would. But until then i'm going to be a freebie person.
Why are people freaking out over the pager? Jesus christ, with AIM, MSM, ICQ, etc. there are tons of free services you can use.
Ya, I think people see a limit as a big thing. They don't realize how little it does. It only affects the pager. That is it. Can you blame the BYOND staff for not wanting to pay the cost of the bandwidth?
I get the immpression that the removal of the pager is just a desperate attempt to get people to subscribe. Im not trying to offend the programmers of byond, but really, the website has to use a huge amount of bandwidth. The games, and people playing them has to take up alot of bandwidth. I dont really think that removing the pager was because of the cost of bandwidth. I also dont think they needed to make a pager a member option. Enough people will subscribe just for the site and the BYONDscape subscription. They could be more creative with the member features also.
Well, then you are simply wrong. The pager was eating up tremendous amounts of bandwidth, as the announcement said. Not to surprising when their can be 1000 users on at a time. The games themselves do not go through the Dantom server, so their impact is far less. ALso, if you have suggestions for more features, DanTom is listening. They encouraged users to note anything they would like to see in the member package.
The pager was eating up tremendous amounts of bandwidth, as the announcement said.

Yep, you have to remember that the pager doesn't just send messages -- it also has to periodically check the BYOND Hub to see if new friends have come online or gone offline. Even if it only checked once a minute, during high-usage periods that'd be 1000 pager polls a minute, even if none of the users is actually using the pager for anything!
Actually that isnt too bad, seeing as how Byond has helped me, I wouldnt mind donating back.
How much bandwidth do you think BYOND uses total every month? Im just wondering.
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