Keywords: aim, gay
Find me a really really gay song? (I want to throw a really gay/crappy sounding song into my AIM profile.)
That's easy. Camp Kill Yourself - Promiscuous Daughter. That or any of the new Lostprophets songs... since most of them suck.
Hardware Store - Weird Al Yankovic
Oh god. If only you asked this question a year ago.
Silent Sage wrote:
Hardware Store - Weird Al Yankovic

No! You fail!
Right now I have "Village People - YMCA"...
Anything by Branks
Branks songs don't have lyrics that I can easily acess. Plus he probably raps about how he stole zeta or some shit.(No I have never listened to any of his shit)
"Fast Food Song"
"Chain Hang Low"
haha, I loved reading this.


Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake

xD Nice one majin
...Can you please read the dates of the last post? Too much necromancy. X.X
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<3 Vetiro