I could care less to get a membership, but if you have not tried Teridal or Feval, both are really fun
Rise of the Pirates?

[Coming Soon?]
Epic eyegasm right above me.
Naruto: Eternal Memories

It is placed within the HUB of it's original Owner, which has now passed the project down to me.
Actually undergoing on some updates, even though it is more than possible to play.

We lack of a VPS or a Shell Server so we've to rely on Player-side hosting.

Just try'ng luck!
Eternal World is a new original game I'm making.
It has no ripped content, and I'm updating it very often (:
Please take a look if you want xD ^^

hah...Snipedragon you should seriously check out Dragon Universe...by Lizard Sphere X ...its a sandbox mmorpg but some servers have there own unique rps...some have an rp where u can do whatever you want to do...some are just pvp....anyway its a game where you choose your characters path to be a Scientist, fighter, merchant anything you chooose to be and more...while the battle between good and evil rages on ( btw a lot of stuff is based on DBZ with some changes and new stuff and stuff tooken away and its not like any DBZ game ever its actually a good game on byond :P ) and you make your own attacks...and work to earn transformations and skills while making new friends and allies and new enemies ( having many ranks to choose from such as Demon King Daimou...Earths Head Scientist...custom ranks...Braal King...many many many you should try it out ^_^
Did anyone win yet? Cause Im almost done with a rp/pvp game, you can try it if you want.
Alchemist is original and has a pretty fun-loving and reverent player-base.
Just a suggestion, some people like it and some people don't.

Made by expixel best side scroller i have ever played

Its a very fun game not finished but very fun
Snipe a real fun game is the game Castle its original BUT im not the owner im just helping the host of one of my Favorite games (Dead World) out.I was hoping i could at least get any type of membership for this cause i am a good iconner and can code some so I've been wanting to help out on a game,and many coders won't even pay attention to someone without a membership.Plus if Darker needs any help on icons for his games (if he comes up with any more)i will help.
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