I'll look into talking to Tom to figure out if we can get all of our old information back.

The guides needed to be updated anyway, but feel free to continue posting here!
We have everything archived so we should be able to restore anything you needed. Blog posts should have come across, but forum info was lost for the time being. Let me know what you need. We want to make sure all of the valuable info is still available.
It actually does, but it has crappy look in games where the html is used (Space Station can't be played on Linux), and some others games where the skin is changed a lot... You can play games like Battle Universe X, but it still has too many limitations.
Last I checked all that information was really out of date.

Memories: Are you using the stable release of Wine or the development version? The development version is more up-to-date but the PPA must be added manually.
I can't even seem to run BYOND correctly with wine. Gives me weird errors..
I think we should move our focus off of wine for right now, and onto Virtualbox. Especially with the Flash Client coming out soon-ish. I'll be writing up some tutorials.

Tom, two features I can't seem to find...
- How do people post on The Linux Guild's forum? I don't see a post option aside. Only when I'm logged in under that key.
- How do I create a sticky?
- Do users that have joined the guild in the past "watchers" for new blog posts / forum posts?
With the flash version, there is no need for Wine or VirtualBox. Just go plain old flash.
Right, but at least then with a Virtualbox setup they will be able to develop using DM.
Also, Flash support won't be 100% so there will still be that need for Dream Seeker.
I can also get ExPixel to write up a post about his DMIDE in Java.

In the next coming weeks I'll be pushing out topics to the forums, so stay tuned!
hmm, wondering how to ask this, with out the context of my posts the other day >.<
well, i had talked about a site I bought, with shell capabilities, but seemed unable to recognize the file someone suggested i type some command, though i forgot which it was. I do however remember that it started with "apt-get", and it told me that command wasn't recognized x.x help? lol..
really annoying that the Guild was removed.. makes this look SOO out of place to me D:
As DreamMaker itself is slick under Wine and DreamSeeker does fine for most single developer testing, I cannot see the rationale for possibly being a LinuxGuild that tells it's users as a first step "Install Windows".

There's very very little to cover on the VM based front, most that is probably better covered elsewhere. Where-as, BYOND specific configuration for Wine is poorly / not documented, chasing of Wine bugs that impede BYOND (and we do have some) is not happening and progress is not being made in these areas, because we choose to ignore it, despite being our most obvious, light-weight and native solution.

We've seen in the past that when we follow issues seriously (like icon crashing in gecko), we have both the developmental support of Wine committers AND Tom, and we can get things done. All it takes is for us to be pro-active, which I think is fair considering we are 1% of BYOND's users. All I really need to ask I guess, is who is technically minded AND serious about improving the state of support BYOND has on Linux distributions? These people form our core team, and we need communication between them if we want to work effectively.
I'm a complete newb but bought a server with Linux and I just love to read up on different stuff as I find found it fascinating so keep it up guys! Much love from me!
Are there any good guides for hosting DD servers in linux? The guy running my server is having problems getting it to work.

Also are there any limitations to running DD on a linux server as opposed to running it on a windows OS.
There was...
Within the next few weeks I'll retype up everything so you guys can reference it.
Not sure if this is the right place to add this, but I see now here else to put it.
If you're going to try and run DreamDaemon on a 64-bit Linux installation then it'll complain about missing ''.

To fix this install the 'lib32stdc++6' package (via apt-get or yum, whatever takes your fancy).

It will not accept the 64 bit variant.
apt-get install ia32-libs
So, is there any progress on the guides :D? I loved the old ones so really looking forward too the new ones.
I've been talking with Tom about getting some of the old data back, but he hasn't responded yet.

I haven't had time to work on any of the guides thus far, but they ARE coming!

If anyone wants to write one, feel free to!
I need help to download byond on linux ubuitu 11.10 please help someone
I cannot wait for the linux guild to be updated. Linux and byond have always been tools that allow for anyone willing and wanting to learn about coding to have a form of editing tool.

No freedom is more liberating then to be able to use your own mind to create something from nothing.
Just FYI the Guild is now a sub forum called Linux Talk