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Applies to:Website
Status: Resolved (web)

This issue has been resolved.
There are lots of old discussions and things which should never be lost...but here we are, with a new forum. The Help forum has been integrated, the post detailed the update says nothing about losing old data. There's nothing from the previous forum. I've seen no one else mention the loss of all topics..
Even the post-count has been reset. It seems that now, only the first post of a topic is assigned a post ID...I guess that breaks the easiness of linking to post via their ID. We're in the 190,000s for IDs now, when we were in the 700,000s...why?
What was the point of hiding everything that happened before on the forum, but still show all of the blog posts, and hub comments? This was pretty sloppy, imo.
The entire forum was imported. IDs changed because in the new system only the post has an ID (we can figure out how to crosslink to comments later).
When the update was explained, it sounded like you were merging the comments and blog posts with the forum...not replacing the forum with comments and blog posts.

Would it be possible to have the old forum up as an archive still accesible via or something? That way we don't lose any old data, keep our history, and make me less sad?
I'm not sure what you are saying. The old forum content is all here in this new format. That is, everything from the old BYOND Discussion, Community, Gaming, etc forums is still here. If you click on your name and look at your posts, you'll see that your old forum topics are still here.
...I don't see anything from the old forum in my posts. Everything I see in my post history is Blog post comments, Blog posts, and hub comments. NOTHING from the old forum.
Hmm, that must be a bug then. Can you think of a particular forum topic that you participated in that we could try to lookup? Looking at my own history, I see plenty of forum topics in there.
I was planning to re-post the a post previously located at 794800 for some kind of discussion in a different topic.

But yeah...that's not accessible. and I did do an "author:supersaiyanx" search, and I checked my post history, nothing from the forum at all there.
Which forum was that post made in? I'm not seeing it in our db either.
BYOND Discussion, I think.
OK, sounds like a bug then. We'll figure it out.
On another note, I did find how to link to specific posts in the new forum system;

Seems 'comments' and posts are given completely different IDs now, and the comment ID can only be found by either clicking or hovering over one of the post command buttons (edit, delete, etc)
I also don't see any of my previous posts on the forum when I do an author: BrickSquadron search. Only community posts pop up.

On a related note I can see what posts I have made from my member page so it's no big deal. I can just go to my member page and search for specific posts there.
Yeah, there appears to be some bugs. I know because I also had some old posts/threads made originally in the Creations category from 2005 and one made in 2011.
I can confirm the old 794800 is not in our import list.
Similar: this thread (154679) used to have several more posts which have disappeared.
Are there any examples of recent forum posts that were actually transferred correctly?
(of my recent forum posts)^

I did find the topic where that old 794800 lead to;
As you can see...all of MY posts in there are gone.
I'll be looking through the setup we used to move things over. Seems like something was busted there, but it shouldn't be a problem to fix.
Also, one more thing. With the update, it seems that something was over posts, or previous forum post, posted links to posts that don't exist any more, at least not with their current ID. Links were in the format of, but that doesn't work anymore.
Would there be any way to redirect links like that, to the corresponding post in the new forum, instead of just taking you to the forum homepage? If not...then there's a bunch of unfollowable links.
Yes, we actually have a plan to convert those over pretty soon.
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