I found the problem and we'll have a fix for this soon.
Wanna move this to Bug Reports for the sake of keeping things trackable?
Ok that makes sense, I've moved it, Hope this is sorted soon :)

I have come to the conclusion some of my data is gone as well.
Is it possible that some things were excluded or missed during the transfer?

I can't seem to find any posts from the old "Computers & Technology" forum. I assume it should have been added to the "Art and Sound" forum, as I get redirected there by the link. Was that forum left out or am I just not seeing where the posts went?
On the topic of forums and things vanishing. I think this is kind of on the subject...

What happened to the members forums?


That used to be a forum for The Saloon, now it points to someones game somehow. Luke5050 might be a nice guy, but I don't think he wants my games forum on his hub entry.

In all seriousness though, Jtgibson used to have an amazing forum on his members blog full of code snippets and little tutorials and what not, and that's gone too now. There was a lot of stuff on there that is something that really shouldn't be lost. Extremely helpful coding stuff for new programmers and old ones alike.
I believe all of the Snippet database was moved into the Developer forum section "Tutorials & Snippets"

Also, you can probably ask Tom to move your personal Members forum to the Saloon hub. The data still exists, apparently.
There still seems to be a lot of Data Floating around in the archives that have not migrated over yet.

I guess we should be patient Lummy hasn't been to healthy recently and both him and Tom have been dedicating a lot of unhealthy hours to Byond.

Hopefully it'll be moved over eventually.
Tom changed status to 'Verified'
Tom resolved issue
I have resolved this because we fixed the issue where some of the old developer forum data wasn't imported (the issue happened for account with non-alphanumeric characters in their names). There are still a number of member-forum pieces that we plan on importing over time, by request. A number of those will be imported tomorrow, 2/7/12.
Damn, still some issues here. Reopening...
Tom changed status to 'Open'
Tom resolved issue
It's really resolved!?
The old developer forum data should be 100% imported. We're still working on outside forum data.
We imported forums for Falacy, IainPeregrine, and BYONDHelp.
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