So for the gamers in the community, I'm making a game similar to total war but I want to add rpg plot to it. So which ideas do you prefer

A:Should I just stick to strategy?
B:Add some quests but keep the game the same, like total war with more plot quests
C:Allow player to go into towns and interact with characters
D:Allow player to fight enemies by himself and a small party and not only with armies.
E:Should I just stick to rpgs?

Thanks for the feedback in advance guys ;)
You can always take the route where units of soldiers can be equip with items they find from exploration or gain from victories. Each unit has stats and can level up through winning battles. Additionally, the player themselves earn currency and experience, allowing them to buy stronger units, access better upgrades, etc.

Treating an entire unit as a single entity for the purposes of buffs, items, etc, makes it not only easier to manage, but maintains the strategy style while allowing for some RPG elements to be thrown in.
Thanks for the feedback :) Im already working on implementing the above, only I may not create an equipment customization for units because of the added complexity. So you think I should keep the game on the main map or allow player to go into towns as well?
My advice would be to either go RPG or go Strategy. Trying to feather the line and turning it into two games in one just serves to confuse and complicate the mechanics.
So by a game like Total War, I assume you mean a real time strategy game where you develop and control units? Depending on how you model map movement, why wouldn't towns provide interaction? Part of it is a question of scale. How large are the units? If the player is a king marching around hundreds or thousands of troops, picking gear for individual soldiers is pointless micromanagement and the focus should be maintaining supply lines, ensuring adequate food and sanitation, securing equipment (roughly speaking, ranged, heavy infantry, cavalry, and siege equipment), etc.

A smaller scale game might focus on a mercenary or adventurer captain who might control a few dozen men at most. Then, managing individual equipment becomes more viable. But towns might just open up new options for trade or jobs that don't require actually moving around in town (see Final Fantasy Tactics).
RPG isn't really a type of plot, rather a genre of usually-defined rules of gameplay and interaction. So it doesn't really make sense for you to say "Strategy with an RPG plot". What's an RPG plot? Something like Warcraft 3 with heroes, which have their own stories that you can influence maybe?