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You seem to have lost an important part of the feature tracker in this conversion to a massive forum: Being able to vote up desirable features.
I think that system wasn't really being used much.
I find that the number of comments would probably be a good representation on how popular a requested feature is?
Seemed to be working for the most part. There were several things that they had been ignoring for years, but implemented after they became the top voted requests.

I would like to have voting available on my hub feature requests. So I can see what nooblies care about the most.
Perhaps they could reuse their votes system on the other forum categories? Where you would +1 a topic (instead of a post)?
We could bring that back. It used to be a members-only vote but that wouldn't make as much sense for hub forums so it'd probably be a general overall vote, hoping people don't game the system (similar to the q&a stuff).
How am I gaming the system Tom? :(
I mean someone making a bunch of fake keys to try to generate votes (or vote up a feature in this case).
Can't you just restrict it by ID and/or IP?
There are plenty of things we could do, but it adds more complexity so if we can get away with a simple system, the better. On our own forums, it's pretty easy to eyeball if someone is artificially inflating tallies (and I don't really see what the point would be) and we will just ban them, but if we carry it over to hub forums that wouldn't be an option, so we'd either have to trust the users or implement ip-storage with the system. So one reason we don't immediately generalize our features is because it's just easier for us, at least to start.
Don't you need to be member to vote on a feature request? (If someone creates new account with membership just to vote on a feature <.<)
There are no feature request vote features as of yet.
Meh, just leave it as a member only feature
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Flame Sage wrote:
There are no feature request vote features as of yet.

There was a voting system in old Tracker, but seems it dissapeared.
I think the VOTE system should be added to the features forum so users can vote on future requests just like the old system you had in place.

In return I think the features with high votes should be "stuck/sticky"? or coloured different?
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If we return to the old voting/point system; I think once a request has reached a super-majority of the votes, it should be auto-stickied, and points be returned. It's pointless to have one request with 30 votes, and another suggestion with 1, when both suggestions are equally feasible and welcome, just there's a lack of points to spread.
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In response to A.T.H.K
And if we again sort them by votes new features that can be good will be at the bottom of the feature list.
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I think we need a feature where you can vote for the good requests and each time you vote it moves to the top of the feature request for it can alarm people that it was voted on.
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Back before the site update around two years ago, this feature existed.
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