A number of Windows 10 users (edit: also Windows 8.1 and several other versions are affected) have reported crashing in Dream Seeker due to a patch that was put out today. Here's more information that shows the exact same crash is impacting many more people: Windows-10-Skype-keeps-crashing-seconds-after-starting/td-p/ 4242892

Per the instructions in that thread, I would advise removing the patch KB3132372 until such time as Microsoft puts out a new one. Also make sure that Flash for Internet Explorer is up to date.

More information and other user solutions can be found in id:2007764.

[update 1/1/16]
Microsoft is now aware of the issue and is researching it alongside Adobe. Hopefully they'll have a fix for this post haste. kb3132372-update-for-adobe-flash-player-w10-version-1511.116 3325/
Thank you! I have also been cursed with having to use Windows 10 and this fix worked like a charm.

Complete instructions for Win10 users
  • Open start menu, type in "update" and click "windows update settings"
  • Click "Advanced Options"
  • Click "View Update History"
  • Click "Uninstall Updates"
  • In the upper right corner is a search box, click it and type in "kb313" and the security update causing problems should be the only one left (KB3132372).
  • Click "KB3132372" and then click "uninstall."
  • Confirm uninstall and let it do its thing.
  • No need to restart computer!

Thanks for posting those detailed steps! That should help people till Microsoft fixes the issue.
Thanks a lot, man! You have no idea how helpful this was. I was panicking and didn't know what to do. You guys are awesome! :D
Thank you very much! almost quit byond cause of this.
Yes, this solved my problem too!
omg i can play games again! Yay! ^_^
@Trevmillion , you are a hero! Thank a lot!
thanks I was going crazy lol
You are umm how you say... a "genius!" Thank you!
oh god! thanks
This didn't help me i'm still having the same problem
In response to Kid23
Kid23 wrote:
This didn't help me i'm still having the same problem

What precisely did you try and what are you seeing?
I followed the instruction from this post and im seeing this
In response to Kid23
What specifically did you do? I need full details. One user uninstalled what he thought was the correct security update only to find he'd uninstalled the wrong one.
I searched for windows updates, when i got to view the history of the updates, i search kb313 and i double clicked it to delete it, the i confirmed the deletion and it disappeared
Although you shouldn't have to reboot, have you tried rebooting since then? Also, I recommend making sure Flash for IE is up to date.
Yeah, that is what i feared. I can't do any reboot due to some important programs running. IE is also up to date btw
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