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I loved Fable, although it pissed me off that it was only for XBOX. I'm a PS kinda guy. Though I just found the news at above link about the on coming release in 07.

Coverage from Officaley site,

"Molyneux apparently received two death threats from Fable fans when they realized that you couldn't plant an acorn and witness it growing into a mighty oak tree over time--he didn't enjoy the experience, and so we're told that this feature will definitely be in Fable 2."

LO freaking L!

Otherwise, however, I can't wait. I loved Fable because I didn't buy into the hype, just like I loved Oblivion because I didn't buy into the hype of it either (which also didn't completely live up to its promises).

I do hope Fable 2 has more character freedom and a less rigid storyline. Also, I would be very pleased if Molyneux, one of these days, would just give up on the whole good versus evil thing... it's getting tiresome. =P

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