Well today I went down to our local video rental place to look for a game and/or movie. Now our video strore doesnt have much selection for games, however the best one there seemed to be Destroy All Humans. So I though 'what the hell' and decided to get it.

So as im paying for the game the guy pulls out the Destroy All Humans Strategy Guide by Bradygames... And the guy told me that it was to keep.

Heh... so basicly I've gotten two free video game books in one week =P
Lol! You too? I,, what the hell...I haven't gotten anything that cool for free since that day in Spring =/. But some guy did bet me a dollar to take some other guy's seat at work today =).
Heh... Poor, Raven willing to do anything for an extra dollar. =D
But it was crazy... getting something worth $15 for renting a game for $2.50 =P