For those of you reading, you have no doubt noticed my CSS already. It is a nice old school byond look(for those of you not around that long, byond used to have a very similar color scheme, and most of us where mad when it changed, but we grew into the new look).

If any of you would like to have my CSS, I would be more than happy to give it to you. I am still working on it, to make it a little more usable, but the basic idea is out.

Throw me a page, I'll email it to you.

Added a bunch of my trunk...not really. I changed a bunch of stuff, to make it look more like the wayback's byond, found here:
Heya Scoobert, awesome layout. You think that I could get it from you? The old layout is so much better than this new one (though its not that bad)
Sure, Ill page you with it in a minute
Heh, that'll be a big page. Thanks alot man :)
People can just view the source of your page to learn from your CSS abilities. :)
True, and I don't mind if they do, I would just rather keep tabs on who is using it.
Scooby, I'm going to use your layout. I'm going to change a little bit to my likens. Hope you don't mind!