I know it's great for us players to see the moderators' actions on the Forum, at least some, some'd still complain about certain changes, anyway... I wondered why does [link] always appear.

I mean, it's really useless to have [link] in every single line when that link sends you to a deleted thread, you will get nowhere, maybe it does for admins, but it doesn't to players.

I know it might make no sense, but was the link really needed? It should not appear when that thread doesn't exist, it'd be cool if it displayed the text of the first post, or maybe all the thread on another forum's section where new comments were disabled, achived threads or something like that (I don't know how to describe it lol).

It'd be cool if you guys talked a bit more about it too, let's hear the community's thoughts :)

Link to BYOND Forum's Admin History:
You and me both. Once upon a time, us moderators could see deleted posts, so that's why it's probably there. But in the new system, it seems we can't.

Tom's intention is to add a notes bit for us to use, so we'd fill in a reason for a moderator action, that would be displayed in the admin history. This is rather convenient for us, as currently we have to issue these non-attached warnings to users for the actions we take.
Showing deleted stuff there is a bug. It'll be fixed in the next round of updates today.