when i pass my game to linux by a zip file, all the .dmi files became .png

for exemple:
"door.dmi" became "door.dmi.png"
"wall.dmi" became "wall.dmi.png"

any help with that?
i tried to change the file name, but doenst work, the compile still not finding the dmi
Something is changing them to a .png--although it's possible that in Windows, it's a .png already and you don't see it.

If Windows is still using the default setting that hides your file extentions, turn that off. (Whoever decided that should even be an option, let alone the default, should be shot.) If your files have the .png extension, remove it and make sure the only extension is .dmi.

If the extensions are in fact correct in Windows, then something else is changing them.
hey, thank you for helping Lummox JR, but the problem was on the zip file, when i unzip on linux it became .png, for peaple that are having the same problem, try it with RAR

Anyway, thank you
If your unzip program on Linux is changing the files to another type, you should switch to one that doesn't suck. No unzip program should ever be modifying your filenames.
well, i used...

apt-get install unzip install the unzip
The bottom line is that a simple unzip should never, ever be renaming your files based on perceived content; it should go with the filename that's included in the package. The only exception is if the filename contains characters that are unwanted in files on that particular operating system.
In response to Lummox JR
(Whoever decided that should even be an option, let alone the default, should be shot.)

Welcome to the age of computing where this is required or idiots would blow up their computer constantly.

It's exactly why Apple is successful: the more dumbed down you make things the more idiots will use your OS.