by Yut Put
Explore epic dungeons and slay epic foes with your friends in a huge, epic fantasy action RPG world.

Come at me, bro.

This game is open source. To download the source files, click here. Mods can not be hosted on the hub without a hub password, which can be received by paging Yut Put with a download link to your mod and an explanation of why it should have permission to appear live on the hub.

Enter the world of Epic, and experience an amazing adventure spanning a huge world filled with vast deserts, dark space stations, lush forests, and even Rabbit Temples.

Epic is a constantly growing game which has received wide applause for being an excellent blend of Zelda's action adventure game-play, Skyrim's RPG elements, and optional online 4-player Co-Op.

0.9 is available. Will you finally destroy the Chaos God, or will he just lead you down another path? Find out if you confront him in the new town of Clockwerk!

Go ahead and check it out!

- If you are hosting the game, you may go into your BYOND folder -> MyHub -> yutput -> epic -> baby rpg and configure your world's settings(server name, status, reboot delay)
-Music by Kevin MaCleod

hmm, seem like an interesting type of game, although i can't confirm because i can't get the download to work :(, i may sound like a noob, because i am, i just don't know how to make it work, help plox :)
According to his notes, "Your BYOND version must be 4.94 or greater to play this game. Apologies in advance for the inconvenience."

This version is currently in beta, available here: http://www.byond.com/download/build/BETA

We'll be taking that public in the next week or two.
So, I caved, and decided to just run the game in the zipped version of BETA (instead of overwriting older version). Anyways, I played it, everything was playing pretty smoothly (apart from laggy clouds), but I stopped about the same point as last time, this time, it's because I couldn't use my mouse. I assume that your using Javascript because this issue has come up before, I haven't actually noticed any need to use that over BYOND's mouse inputs from what I've played and seen. If you could please switch to BYOND's mouse inputs, it would really make things smoother, or at the very least, give an option to switch between the two.
We don't use any javascript, just MouseUp and MouseDown.

The reason you're having this problem has nothing to do with javascript, it is the CPU progressively racking up. The only way you can fix this currently is by restarting the game.

And this problem only occurs in single user mode.
In response to Yut Put
Really? I was sure that was the issue, because Tanx used to use Javascript, but Bravo1 switched to BYOND's mouse input, and the mouse ran fine afterwards. And this is considering Tanx is 2~3 times laggier then Epic, it seems kind of odd. Unless BYOND switched the way mouse input works in 4.94... in which case it's really not an issue with you. I'm not sure what the issue is, but if you could look over it, that would help a lot. (It could also be Topic(), I don't remember if the issue was Javascript or Topic())

On another note, sometimes when you mouse over objects to see their price, the text is displayed near the "ammount" of another item, and the numbers get mixed up. Having multiple colors to distinguish this would help. I also think it would be nice to have the item description pop-up when you hover over it, instead of dragging it into the "?".
Turn hardware mode off and you'll probably find drastic differences in speed.

I could easily implement the description thingy
Man, this is a lot of fun to play. Good job!
i cant get that byond version....
In response to Blizzard Wolffang
Blizzard Wolffang wrote:
i cant get that byond version....

Here you go.

All you have to do is go to the Download page and download the Beta at the bottom of the page.
Thank you Albro1
Yo Yut Put, Matt, and Van how you guys doing. I've just invited my friends to join your game. Send me a Email at Royshin211@googlemial.com when your doing another LiveStream, or when we can join the game. I think its about 7-11 of us on Stand by LOL! 7-11 now im thirsty for a slurpy..
You can already play, download the public beta and host your own server. Also from my knowledge Van isn't part of the Epic development team. I could be wrong though.
I host my livestream just about whenever I work on the game, nearly every day. And van isn't a dev lol
Y'know Yut I could be a dev you just never let me.
you never even play this game lol
If you have a chance, please provide us information via a bug report as to the issues with hardware mode. It really should be faster in almost all settings. I'd be curious is the problems are consistent across different machines or only on particular graphics cards.
wdf are you talking about i'm level 14 u nigur
Issue, I seem to be stuck at level 25. I did the level 25 dungeon, but there was no change in my level. I also seem to can't find the Guard Rat.
Missed a quest, I fixed it. But I still can't find that Guard Rat.
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