by Yut Put
Explore epic dungeons and slay epic foes with your friends in a huge, epic fantasy action RPG world.
0.2 is a HUGE leap for the game. The changelog is so lengthy I couldn't even start to describe it. Next time, we'll have to make sure we record them!

Blazekid worked on expanding the game's dungeons. There are 4 new dungeons on 0.2:

-An orcish fortress
-A forest camp inhabited by dark elves
-A large castle owned by the evil dark elves
-A mine captured by dark elves and led by a mysterious rogue

Each dungeon contains several new gear pieces, enemies, and surprises.

Also, the game was optimized to run full speed. The change is so dramatic that you might not recognize the game.

Speaking of not recognizing it, check out the new turf art! Also a new walking animation was added to give players a more "human" feel.

Lastly, ALL of the dungeons were re-worked to be easier and more fun to play. The first dungeon is now a fully functional tutorial and the methods used to teach players were changed to be more efficient and streamlined.

OH! The game's name changed too!

Well, that's it! Enjoy 0.2!

NOTE: The latest version of the BYOND beta is required to play this.
It's not letting me play it. I download the game, then when I click that "Play" button, it says "failed" and never opens.
That's because you don't have the latest version of the BYOND beta which supports maptext. It was an essential change that we didn't feel like waiting for.
How do I get the new ver of byond?
Welcome BYOND! (4.0 Public Version 493.1117)
Error: server is out of date (world compiled for at least version 494). You are running version 493. Please download the new version from http://www.byond.com/download/.

BYOND Error: world file from newer version is incompatible with this server
Beta is: http://www.byond.com/download/build/BETA/

Side note, I hope this fad of people releasing beta versions of their game using beta versions of BYOND stops soon. It's not practical to publicly release/show something then force people to find a unreleased beta version of the engine.

On topic, it's a lot laggier then it should be... but it seems like an interesting game.
In response to Megablaze
Megablaze wrote:
It's not practical to publicly release/show something then force people to find a unreleased beta version of the engine.

Yeah. I tried this once, and my server was completely empty until I spread the word how to download the beta. The regular users aren't told anything of how to install the beta so they can play.
I agree it is interesting but the lag is killing me
The reason it was released on the beta was because of maptext.

Epic runs in 30 fps, with instanced dungeons constantly creating new mobs. Creating tons of screen text with forum_account's library wasn't worth waiting for.

Optimizations for speed are being made every single day, and the game-play and level design is being rigorously looked over so that we can deliver a very enjoyable experience to all our players. Our goal is to attract a large following, and we intend to do so. Every player we lose is a huge loss for the team and we're fighting to develop a community through solid game-play.

The main reason the game doesn't run full speed after a couple dungeons at the moment is because of creating new mobs for the instances. We use forum_account's map instancing library and while it may be efficient it's not good enough for a long term game and we are probably going to have to look into the system and force mobs to be recycled a bit.

The game is playable though until you've run through 5 or 6 dungeon instances in both single-user mode and hosted worlds on a wide range of computers, so I'm not sure what your lag is coming from.
feedback is VERY appreciated so don't be afraid to tell me about ANY of the problems you experience. 90% of what we update is based on feedback. I spend all my time focusing on how I can make the game better for YOU guys.