Well, everybody's been thanking Tom for this and that, but I have the best reason of all to thank him:

Yup, that's 34 Blue Books. Got them in the mail today, completely free for my class. Thanks, Tom!
I want those.
That's pretty cool. :)
Wow. Loads of Blue Books. Are they updated, or do they just include the old information?
Wow, that's pretty nice. Where do you live again? I'm going to your school.
I'm totally gonna try and talk the school into allowing Dream Maker as a class.
I should request it at my school too.
There's a bit more work to it then just saying, "hey school class," but I'd definitely cnourage you to work on it!

I live in Ligonier, PA.
O_O those um lookk cool i want one >_<
Hm, we can still order those?
Yeah, I didn't know we could even still get those...
Where do you get them from?
I'd say they were special order. Because every good programming class needs some good hard copy references.
Wait, what are you doing with those, Ben?
I may need to talk to Tom about shipping me atleast one, it'd go a looong way for me to show Mrs. Campbell the actual book and let her read it.
Gamedestroyer wrote:
Wait, what are you doing with those, Ben?

I'm not Ben, but I can answer your question. If you'd actually take the time to read things, you'd know that they are for a class he is planning teaching programming and programming theroy (I think) to a class at his school.
Would you send one to me?
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