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Hey There.
I've got realy NO IDEA where to post this but i do hope someone DOES take a look at it as i believe it's something very important that got lost during the update.

Why in the world can't i delete people's comment on MY hub.Until now nothing is wrong but i keep getting comments on my hub that links to other games.Is there a way to delete people's comments??
You use a lot of capital letters, and I believe you might want to try to request it as a feature.
I believe this is an issue they are currently working on.

Take a look on Feature Requests / BYOND Help. Somebody already complained about that, just go into the Discussion Tab and press Forum Admin, then you'll have different buttons next to each comment which give you the options of banning a person from posting (It also deletes all their posts, pretty useful), or just delete them, it works much better IMO than before.

If it doesn't work well and you're using Internet Explorer, try switching to Mozilla FireFox, I've read some comments of people saying that IE is giving them problems for using the new functions.
Thank E_M.