Hello byond forum posters. I am BigBroYo, I have a team of currently 5 people working on a HunterXHunter game. I thought I'd create a forum post to help get ideas and input from dedicated gamers like yourselves. This is my first post on here as well as my first game. A lot of people would say the game is too complicated for someone with my skills (I am the coder on the team and my experience with coding is the DM Guide to Hello World and that's it.)

questions from me personally:

First off is character creation, I have found links to creating character skins, a login screen, ext. My main question was our team had the idea to create a personality test, that would decide your nen type. We want to allow players to answer a few questions and then be categorized in the type closest to their personality. We want to make specialist specifically difficult to get, like a 1/100 chance. While the other categories be common, say 50:50 shot. I need to learn how to code this test's questions, scores, and so on. I've seen it done in Naruto games so I know it's possible.

Second is stats. Instead of your typical; strength, magic, ext... We want to use the primary Nen types as your stats. We can specify what each one does but the four are Ten, Ren, Hatsu, and Zetsu. We also want to create a specific way to train each one, such as meditation used in the popular bleach game at it's early stages, where you Simon Says it up with the arrow keys. I need ideas for the training of each, as well as help with the coding for the stats once we classify which one represents strength, which one represents defense, and so on.

Which brings me to my final question for now, once you learn Nen in the game (you start out with a category but you have to have your Nen unlocked just like the show) You will be able to learn moves in your category as well as in your adjacent category. Here is a link to the chart and it's adjacent categories:
We want to use a system similar to the bleach game mentioned above where you use your move repeatedly to master it. This is where we lack the most, we need ideas for moves for each category that are feasible to animate (we have a graphics major working with us on our team), we also need coding for technique stats that can be built up with use on an enemy or training dummy, until they reach 100% or a mastered state. We also want the moves to have a fail chance until they reach 100% where the number of your technique represents your chance to succeed in the move. We can start the moves in primary category at 30% success rate and secondary categories at 20%. (I warned you this is where we lack that most...) Of course we want the moves to become stronger as you level up and train your Ten, Ren, Hatsu, and Zetsu. Your input in this question would be greatly appreciated.

Our current ideas:

To have a 4 level heavens tower with the first 3 levels having gradually more difficult npcs that a player has to beat alone in order to move to the next level. At the fourth level having a (DBZ World Tournament like) PVP zone that holds 1 on 1 and 2 on 2 tournaments for players to participate in.

We want the games story to go at least up to the chimera ant arc, with the final battle being a world boss mereum that can be fought with multiple players.

There will only be a human race in this game, no chimera ants at this point, we may look into adding it later.

There will be a specified pvp zone where pking will be allowed for players with pvp fetish can get off on killing nubs. Other then that all the other areas will act as a safe zone where mobs can't attack other mobs.

As I said earlier you will start out with a nen category given to you by a personality test, and you will have to unlock your nen at a specified lv, gain lvs by training on training dummies, or killing mob npcs.

And that's about it guys. Thanks for reading. We are currently recruiting active members for the designer team, who have experience coding in the things above. All help, links, or ideas are greatly appreciated.

I will be continuing to post questions that come up as they come up.

Here is my newest question

I have been following Lummox Jr's Interface/skin tutorial, I am on lesson 3 and at the part where he introduces splitters. I have successfully added the splitters, but at the cost of losing the ability to full screen the game. My output stays in the middle of the screen and will not expand to the right. Is there a fix for this, is this tutorial just old and not compatible with the current byond software. It does reference byond 3.0 a lot so I am unsure whether it is something I did or something with the software. Any help would be greatly appreciated on this.

I don't mind helping you understand Skin interface a little bit. Hit me up on pager and we can talk.
My output stays in the middle of the screen and will not expand to the right.

I think what you want to do is set the output's anchors. Select the output by clicking it and pressing Enter/Return, or double-clicking it, and navigate to the second tab inside the config menu that pops up.
Thanks FKI, that wasn't exactly what I needed to do but it was close. I experimented and found that the second split or split2 in the tutorial's anchor instructions are incorrect, they say top left/bottom left, when they should say top left/bottom right.
I need a little help on something new;

How do you get a second output and input to work. An example of a situation where I'd need one would be if a GM wants to make an announcement that can easily be read by all players. I have the second output and input in a pane on its own, but when I type in the second input, the text by default goes to the primary output.

Thanks for the help
Introduce your team.
In response to BIGBROYO
The command used in the input (e.g. "world-chat") would need to output specifically to your second output control using the output() proc.

world << output("message", "output_control_id")

These questions actually belong in Dev. Help though.
Sorry about that FKI, I'm new to the forum and didn't realize I couldn't just keep everything in one forum post to reference. I'll try to do better about that.

Thanks for the explanation, I'll get to work on that now.

As for and introduction, it's myself(coding and ideas), mushroomwarx(icon, animations, and ideas), proxytank(icon, animations, and ideas), and Janson(story content and game ideas). Our fifth member hasn't contacted us in a while so we assume he is either busy with his school work or is not a part of the group anymore, but he may join back at a later date. As per my original post we are also taking ideas from the community as well as looking for new members.