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I've been quite busy lately. My wife and I are looking into purchasing our first home. Aided by my tax return (in the next couple of weeks) I'll be able to put a substantial down payment towards a home and finally get out of my apartment. We have two kids, ages 22 months and 2 months, whom are growing quickly and are in need of a backyard.

Also, I'm in need of a garage where I can tinker with my truck and cars (including my most recent purchase of a '92 Mustang GT) and finally get on the drag strip here in town. I've always been a bit of a gearhead. For 4-5 years before my enlistment into the US Army, I was a collision repair technician at a local body shop and have been itching to put a wrench back in my hand!

The wife wants a nice, big bath tub as well as a larger kitchen. (Note: A little hint to you younger guys out there. If you keep mama happy, everyone is happy)

Otherwise, how's everyone doing?
I'm still a lazy bum. Nothing new here.
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EmpirezTeam wrote:
I'm still a lazy bum. Nothing new here.
Every person alive wrote:
lol im a bit of a gearhead too nothing formal but i like to play with my dad's old beater, I also agree with you there, As long as the woman is happy... Life will ALWAYS be good. Congrats on the new house, your first house is always cool especially if you can share it with your wife and kids.
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Ziare1 wrote:
but i like to play with my dad's old beater

Not tryna be a troll or anything but I thought wrong when I read this.