Tales of Judgement

by Mana Production
Tales of Judgement
Fate is the eternal cycle of judgment, Only few chosen will able to break this Fate, will you be one of the chosen?

- Open for Beta Testing, Everyone Welcome -

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http://tales-of-judgement.wikia.com/wiki/ Tales_of_Judgement_Wiki

The Team

  • Leon Magnus / Kyle Dunamis / Guy Cecil (Soma Schicksal)- Owner, Programmer
  • Lord Shuyin / Dhaos / Shing Meteoryte (Axl 1) - Owner, Pixel Artist
  • Fayth / Arche (Xhaos) - Admin, Assistant Coder
  • Mog Reiuji (TARDIS) - Co-Owner, Idealist, Assistant Pixel Artist
  • Takeshi / Asch The Bloody (Samachi) - Co-Owner, Game Guide
  • Hana / Farah Oersted (DhahimeChan) - Head Admin, Battle Sprite Helper

The Admins

Tales of Judgement

--------General Rules-------
1. Don't abuse glitches.
2. Feel free to ask about a possible pwipe.
3. Use appropriate language, including names of characters.
4. Don't ask for someone to level you up.
5. Don't ask for GM.
6. No advertising.
7. Obey GM/Owner judgement.
8. No spamming.
9. No bragging.
10. Don't avoid punishment given.

Copyright 2014 Tales of Judgement.

Character sprites and backgrounds are copyright Namco Bandai Tales studio. Map sprites are copyright RPG Maker XP. All rights reserved.
It's the holidays!
It now snowing in Tales of Judgement for this special occasion.

- From ToJ Staffs
... Uhh it's now feburary :P.
This Game looks awesome
Anyone willing to host this game??
I really want to try it! ^.^
The game is online now. Sorry we still have some offline servers problem, I don't know if it site problem, anyway, updates will come soon for a new story chapter and new quests.

- Kyle Dunamis
Waiting myself to play this. This looks awesome
is there set time when server up
There's might be a delay in Sunday's Updates, but will try to get most glitches / bugs fixed.

- Kyle
-Waits for this to be hosted-
Needs an auto-save function, other than that awesome game.
yeah i agree it needs an auto-save i got kicked off before saveing cause of updates and now im back to lv 6 instead of 12
I keep telling yall to save your progress, but I guess you guys just don't listen to me... =|
Sorry if the game get hosted late lately, because of the upcoming school exams and b-ball finale , so it really a tight schedule for me, if the server is not hosted within a day, leave a comment or a message to MP's shoutbox or contact either Shuyin (Axl 1) or Hana (DhahimeChan) to know what's going on.

- Kyle
please fix the game i got kicked again while buying items and it wont come back up
At the Item Shop? or Weapon Shop?
I do have a number of suggestions for the game so far after playing it for a bit:

-The hitboxes for some monsters (larger ones particularly) don't really register when you attack them.

-Prehaps a tag to indicate NPCs with a different font color to stand out more.

-Choosing something different such as the menu colors should have different font colors (when selecting a type) to go along with it. Like if I choose Sky it should have a font color that actually makes it stand out rather the same font color previously in the default menu. Also, it makes it hard to read if it isn't like that.

-Auto saving would be nice as suggested prior.

And thats all for now.
Thanks for the suggestions, I will try to work on it so it will be best for your gameplay on version 3 updates. :)
Server is coming online today, sorry if I was away this week, like Sharky told in our game website, I have school exams that I need to study, so around 4 PM Eastern time, the game will probably be online.

- Kyle
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